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Is writing for the web so different then writing for offline media? Yes and No: The rules for a good article are still the same but the state of the reader often isn't. People who read online usually have a shorter attention span than people who read from a magazine for example. This means it is more important to keep the attention. Since people read website content more and more on their smartphones with small screens, it is also important to keep the text short and use short sentences.

Another big difference is that competition is but a click away. And you are comepting for their attention so you compete with EVERY other website.

Since human readers aren't the only ones visiting your website you also have to take the Google crawlers into account. Meaning there are certain SEO-rules that will help Google value your website more. When it comes to writing it usually deals with best practices that you might want to incorporate even if Google was not a factor. Google wants what is best for people searching for content because they want to serve the right pages people are searching for.


Martijn has meticulously maintained the website of Computer Idee and filled it with content. Google regulary picked up his news articles in Google News which had a positive effect on the, already impressive, visistor count on Computeridee.nl

Dick van de Schraaf  [Editor-in-Chief Computer Idee]


I have a lot of experience writing (online) articles because I worked for a publishing company for 10 years. Because of this background I am also still in touch with other writers and editors.

So if you need copy for your website then Pario can help you out!


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