Why choose Pario?

  • Our competitve and transparent pricing model

You know what you can expect for your money (no 'request a quote' where you don't know if you are paying the same as other customers). Sure, there might be cheaper options around but we dare to say that we offer the best value for money. That's why we added a 'webdesigners comparison' where you can tell use about an offer you've seen and then we can compare our offering with it (see the red block on this page).

  • Very complete package

We know, you're read this before on the websites of other webdesigners but our completeness is even complete. In other words: we use a complete set of premium plugins which on their own extensive possibilities. Any webdesigner can easily add a form to your website for example, but not many will offer the extensive options we can offer you.

  • Pario is not a one-trick-pony

I have a background in journalism, (online-)marketing, design, communication and multimedia. So we're not just a graphic designer, programmer or marketing-guy; we combine all this knowledge into our websites.

  • Pario makes things easy for his clients

Building a good website is one thing, keeping it up to date and maintaining it is another. Pario does the boring technical maintenance and lets you focus on the content. We also make adding content easy for our clients so there aren't any thresholds. We also make sure the images you upload are not too big so it would slow down your website. We do that automatically so you don't have to think about it. 

  • Flexible terms

You can quit whenever you want (one month in advance) and all payments will stop. With the DIY services like Jimdo/Wix/Squarespace and some other subscription models you will never actually fully own your website (= you can never move your website somewhere else). Pario does give the opportunity to move your website.

What could happen if you won't let Pario build your website!

 (dramatised )


Our package saves you time

We deliver a lot of bang for the buck. The plug-ins we use to automatically optimise the images you upload, the page builder which lets you easily create new pages, the easy to use photogalleries, mail through Gmail etc. all help you safe a lot of time working on and with your website. Since your time is also costs you money, you can safe money this way. You also won't dredd the thought of adding/changing something on your website when the process is more streamlined.

Want to compare our offer with others?

Are you still in doubt between our offer and the one of our competitor?

If you provide us with some information on our 'webdesigners comparison'-page then we can help you make more detailed comparison. I know it might not sound like the most objective opinion but consider myself very honest so test my claim and decide for yourself. 🙂

pario vs andere webdesigners

A list of some of important advantages:

  • Pario uses highly regarderd themes or makes custom themes
  • Pario has a background in marketing, communication, design, journalism, multimedia and ict. I wrote for one of the biggest it-websites of the Netherlands and managed to attract more visitors through SEO.
  • Pario uses professional plug-ins which are user friendly and fast and secure
  • Pario offers you the ability to add as many new pages for as you want for free (membership website)
  • Pario implements page builder technology which lets you easily add content to a page and change the lay-out.
  • Pario automatically optimises the images you upload to keep the loading times short
  • Pario can explain how the website works on location. It's often easier to learn something new when you have someone with experience sitting next to you (free for locations within the ring in Amsterdam)
  • Pario doesn't only makes your website look good but also works behind the screen to do the boring stuff that makes it work well.
  • Pario can help you out with other web-related/corporate identity stuff (writing copy, photos, logo's etc.)
  • Pario has competitive (and transparent) pricing with flexible conditions.
  • Pario's technical support makes sure that your website will always be updated to the newest versions.
  • You automatically save for discounts on a redesign or get a free redesign if you don't require a custom theme. We also offer upgrade-discounts so you can start small and grow when you're ready for the next step.

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