Webhosting is placing a website on a server so it becomes available on the internet.

You website is hosted on servers in the modern BIT datacenters in Ede. We do this through our webhoster Vimexx, a hosting provider in Amsterdam which was award a #1 position in a hosting top 100 list. On this page we take a look in these data centers en will we explain some things about webhosting. This might only be interesting for the computer geeks among us so be warned. 🙂 We will keep the information a little shorter when you visit this page through a mobile device.


Drone-video inside the BIT-datacenter




Fast netwerk

Your website in the BIT-datacenters

Fast network

The BIT-datacenters are connected to the internet through the AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) and also through Frankfurt and London for when there is a failure in Amsterdam. The connections are fast but our ssd-powered servers also make us of smart caching techniques to boost loading times. We also compress the images and code and use a smart loading technique (lazyload) which is also used by Facebook and YouTube.

Green padlock

SSL-certificates from Let's Encrypt

Green padlock

SSL-certificates are used to protect the connection between the website and the user. So you will know the information you send it protected.  SSL-certificates are  required for webshops, banking and other websites which needs delicate personal information. But it is also becoming more popular on normal websites. Google also rewards websites which use ssl (https). Pario uses the SSL-certificates of Let's Encrypt to get you a green padlock on your website. 


The newest version of PHP


The times that websites were just build with HTML are long gone. WordPress is based on PHP (first edition in 1994). PHP is used on 80% of all websites. The latest version is PHP 7.  As of writing almost all websites (98%) still use the older PHP 5.6 version (version 6 was skipped). The websites of Pario use PHP 7 by default.

Sustainable hosting

100% green power

Sustainable energy

The data centers of BIT use 100% renewable energy. You can check which websites are hosted green on The Green Web Foundation.

The data centers have double powerlines in case of a black-out of one connection it will still stay online. 

BIT datacenters

The datacenters of BIT are also very secure:

  • Camera's, inside and outside of the data center;
  • Burglary alarm system;
  • 2 independent surveillance services;
  • Redundant connection to the emergency;
  • Double authentication with RFID security passes amd iris scanners;
  • VEB certified, security class 4;
  • ISO/IEC 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.

Take a virtual tour through the BIT datacenter in Ede. If you watch this on a smartphoe and the image shakes, then click the button above '3,2,1'. With the 3-2-1- buttons you can go a level up or down.


The servers which are used by Pario are fitted with SSDs. SSD is a more modern version of the traditional hard disk and can often be found in laptops because they are less vulnerable to shocks. Another benefit is that they are a lot faster.

The speed of your website is important because people might not return when a website loads too slow. This especially goes for people visiting your website through a smartphone.

Intel SSD-P3700 NVMe

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