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Privacy Policy Pario

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This page was last edited on 07-02-2017.

We're are aware of the trust you hold in us concerning your data. That's why we see it as our responsibility to value your privacy. On this page we tell you which data we collect when you visit our website, why we collect it and how we use it to improve the user experience.

This privacy policy is valid for all services of Pario. Please understand that Pario can't be held responsible for the privacy policy of other website/sources. By using this website you agree with our privacy terms.

Pario respects the privacy of all our users and will be discrete with the information you provide us with.



How we use the collected data


Use of our services

When you enlist for our services we will often ask for personal data. We use this data to be able to offer our services. We collect this data on secure servers of Pario or third party.



When you send us an e-mail or other forms of communication then it might be possible that we archive these messages. Sometimes we will ask for specific personal data when a certain situation calls for it  This makes it possible to solve the situation and process your requests. All data will be stored on secured servers of Pario or third parties.



We collect data for research and to give better insights into our visitors/clients so we can change our website/services accordingly.

This website uses 'cookies' (text files which will be stored on your pc) to analyse how visitors use our website. The data collected by these cookies is stored on our secured servers or those of third parties (for example in case webstatistics it will be collected by Google Analytics).

We use cookies to store information on how you use the website (e.g. which language you view it in, which browser your use, screen resolution and things like that). It helps us to cater our website and services better to our visitors/clients.



We don't collect information for other purposes than stated in this privacy policy. If we do we will ask your permission beforehand. All the information we collect is to improve our services. We don't use advertisements for example so we don't have advertisers collecting your data.


Third parties

The information won't be shared with other parties except if it's collected through those parties (like Google Analytics). Every one working for Pario is required to respect the confidentiality of the data your provide us with.

When it comes to our helpdesk-system we use the Freshdesk (also used by big companies like Honda, Unicef and Sony). Other than log-in information and the things you write in your ticket, we won't have access to other information of you. The privacy policy of Freshdesk has the 'stamp of approval' from the independent organisation TRUSTe for promoting online privacy.



This privacy statement is based on the functionality of this website. Any changes and additions to the website can lead to changes in the privacy policy as well. That's why it's recommended to check the privacy policy once in a while.


Choices of personal data

We provide the opportunity for our users to see, change or delete the personal data they provided us with. Contact us (see below)



When we start a newsletter we will always provide you with the opportunity to unsubscribe through a link at the bottom of the newsletter.



Disabling cookies

Most browsers are set to accept cookies but you can also set your browser to reject all cookies (or when a cookie is being sent). Rejecting cookies might result in some functions and services on this website and other websites to result in errors.


Questions and feedback

When we make big changes to our website we will check if they are in accordance with our privacy policy.  In case you have any questions regarding our privacy policy you can always contact us:

Commelinstraat 422
1093VD Amsterdam
KvK: 64858502