How we work

Roadmap website*

Preparation phase:

  • Step 1: Stocktaking of content and wishes

    First we determine which package fits you best of course but in this roadmap we focus on the Membership-website. We will check the content you already have and any content you still need and how to acquire it. 

  • Step 2: Your message

    What do you want to tell your target group with your website? Who is your customer and what does your customer expect from your website? Based on this information we can design the website to fit these goals. 

  • Step 3: Quotation

    Pario will send a quotation based on your wishes which we will provide in person or digitally. 

After signing the quotation:

  • Step 4: Collecting the content

    After signing the quotation and paying the 50% installment (rest when the website is done) we can start the work on the website. So in this stage we need you to provide us with the all the content you have which we use to build the website with.

    When all the content is delivered we start building. You can always add content later yourself, we just need the content to build the first couple (max 6) pages with (homepage + 5 other pages). 

  • Step 5: Apply for/move a domain name

    We can apply for a domain name in an earlier stage of course but setting it up or moving the domain name you already have will be done in this step. 

  • Step 6: Building the website

    We have the content, we set up the server with your name, so now it's time to build the website. Normally this will take about a week. 

  • Step 7: Corrections

    We give you the opportunity to check the website (only visible for you) so you can let us know if there are some changes you still like. We will  (op een testserver die alleen voor u toegankelijk is) zodat u nog eventuele correcties kunt doorgeven. We will implement those and do some seo/optimalisation tasks to make the website faster and easier to index by Google. 

  • Step 8: Final OK

    When the corrections are done and you are happy with the result we can round it up. You pay the 2nd installment and Pario makes the website accessble to the whole world. We will submit your website to the search engines and do some final technical adjustments behind the scenes.

  • Step 9: Working with your new website

    We can help you take your first steps with your new website on location (at home or at your company, it's free when it's within de ring of Amsterdam). It's easier to have someone point things out live but it is optional. 

* For one-pagers the process will be shorter

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