Corporate Photography

The use of attractive imagery is very important, especially for a fast medium as the internet where you have to immediately grab the attention of your audience. It's unfortunate to see that many companies use poor photos which are badly lit of lack focus. It seems that smartphones are the most popular device to take photos with and phone-cameras are getting a lot better. But to make a really good photo you also need the eye of a photographer or at least some skills to edit the photo.

Pario is not a professional photographer but can fit the spot between amateur and professional (with a fitting price). We focus on photography of well-lit interior/exterior of your business. For low lit situations or professional portraits which you want to use on various platforms, we would recommend the use of a professional studio.

We can help you find a good photographer (for portraits it might be interesting to keep an eye on Groupon since they often have good deals on portrait photography).

We can also help you on stock photography for low prices (around €2,- per photo. Stock photography are not unique/exclusive and won't work as well as photos of your own business but it can make your website look a lot better.

Pario Photography costs: 5 photos for €90,- (on location in Amsterdam) or 10 photos for €150,- (this includes editing and placing the photos on your website).


Wasbak xyl'eau van Nielsmaakt
Example of product photography by Pario (product design by Nielsmaakt)

Examples of Pario's Corporate Photograpghy

Examples of stock photography

Video background example

Video can also be used as a background like in this example right here.  I shot this one myself in park Frankendael but there are also stock-video's available which can be used as a background (for a few euro's). Keep in mind that a video background will not work on mobile device. So if you watch this page on a mobile device you will just see an image. You can also add YouTube-videos to your membership-website and set those as a background.

You can also choose to have videos about some aspects of your company/product. See our corporate video-page for more info.

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