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Do you believe you've seen a better offer? Let us know , we are very curious about it. Pario invested quite some time researching the offers and prizes of our competitors. We are quite convinced about our offer and it's price and would like to compare it with offers you've seen/received.

You can count on an honest advice. How well we can provide you of our advice depends on the information you provide us with (or the webdesigner shows on their website). Pario focusses on smaller companies. If you are looking for custom implementations or enteprise level websites then Pario won't be your best choice. That's why we won't compare quotes of enterprise level websites (websites needing an it-team to maintain).

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  • We want to compare offers for potential customers and not for our competitors. That's why we ask you to list your KvK-number (chamber of commerce number). You confirm that you are the owner of the company behind the KvK-number.
  • Who is the offer from? Please list the url.
  • Cms stands for Content Management Systeem and is the underlying technique on which the vast majority of websites are build on. More information can be found in our blog-page.
  • Which elements of the offer do you like or are you unsure of?
  • Please also list the price, both the building costs as well as any other monthly costs or link to a page with prices. Please also list what is included if you know and it isn't listed on the webpage of the webdesginer. You can also upload the quotation you received.
  • Indien u een offerte heeft ontvangen, kunt u die hier eventueel uploaden. Het gaat ons puur om de prijzen en wat u ervoor krijgt, alle overige informatie kunt u verwijderen/onleesbaar maken indien gewenst. Voeg ook de Algemene Voorwaarden toe wanneer die niet op de website worden genoemd.
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