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A budget website of high quality? We offer exactly that. Our budget websites are being built using the Genesis themes of StudioPress which are known for their great speed and security. The big difference with our custom websites is the fact that we don't design a unique theme for you but use one of the powerful Genesis Themes. You already have a budget website from €200,-!

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Our package-offerings

Uitgebreide Budget Website

This package is suited for everyone who wants to get the most out of their website. You can add pages and forms as much as you want. We will set up 6 pages for you. If you need more you can add them yourself or have us do it for you at additional cost.

Because of the Pario Page Builder functionality it is easy to design your own page by dragging the required functionality from a menu on a page.

We offer a lot of functionality through various plug-ins for things like forms, photo/video galleries, sliders, security etc. These plug-ins are worth hundreds of euros when bought seperately. We also make sure the images you upload will be optimised by our subscription of Imagify.

Price: €350,- (once), €15,- (monthly)

One-pager Budget Website

A one-pager consists of one page with all the content (so a big homepage). The content is limited to 500 words, 5 images and one form. You can't add pages yourself. Because it is limited to one page it has less opportunities to score in Google (SEO).

This concept is ideal for whoever wants to present himself/company/product without needing too much images and tekst to do so. An excellent solution for freelancers and consultants for example. If you ever are in need of more pages you can always upgrade for the price-difference.

Price: €200,- (once), €10,- (monthly)

Voor al onze websites geldt:

  • Uitgebreide webstatistieken
  • Dagelijkse back-ups (ook extern)
  • Uitgebreide beveiliging
  • Snelheidsoptimalisaties
  • SEO
  • Social media share-knoppen
  • SSD-hosting & Webmail
  • Jaarlijkse domeinnaamregistratie
  • Technisch beheer door Pario
  • Automatisch korting sparen op redesign
  • Maandelijks opzegbaar

Monthly costs:

The monthly costs includes things like: Hosting/e-mail & domain registration, technical maintenance (including updates and back-ups), support and any license/subscription costs.



If you ever want to upgrade from a one-pager to an extensive website then you only pay the price differences.


Extra pages:

With the extensive websites you can add pages for free yourself. The one-pager can't be extended with extra pages.


Saving for discounts:

Every customer receives an automatic discount of 5% each year for a redesign in the future (not mandatory). So as an example: After three years you get 15% discount on the building cost. After the redesign the discount is reset and starts ticking again.

In need of more pages and/of more content? Check out our extensive websites which offer more possibilities.

Theme choices

For our budget websites we don't use just some free theme we found (free themes don't have to mean it is bad though). Pario uses the renowed Genesis-themes from StudioPress. These themes are in the higher price-segment and therefore are far from being budget.

A theme determines the lay-out of a WordPress-website. Pario installs and configures the theme and makes sure the content is nicely integrated. Stuff like colours and images can be changed but not the lay-out, that is set.  For those who want a unique design we have our custom-offerings.

The Genesis themes are known for their clean code which makes them fast and secure. And of course they are 100% responsive so they look good on mobile devices.

Genesis themes from StudioPress

This is just a preview of all the themes you can choose from. Check the full overview here.  You can view a live-demo of each theme. You can choose any of the themes, also those which were just released. The price differences (some are $99 and some are $129) have no effect on the fixed prices Pario charges.

Each theme has various page-designs, you can choose whatever one you like best. In most cases that probably will be the homepage.

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