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Pario is a webdesign company in Amsterdam Oost which focusses on building website for other small independent companies. Pario is Latin for producing/creating/laying eggs/giving birth to. A fitting name since I also create something from nothing and want to see that grow. That's why Pario will keep involved after the birth of your website to help it grow along with your ambitions.



As I mentioned before, the name Pario means 'giving birth to'. I also had to go to a rebirth myself when I decided to start as an independent webdesigner.

I already had considered this path in 2002 but I was invited to apply for a job in the publishing industry. I worked there for several years and did a lot of different things. I poroduced the dvd's which came bundled with magazines we published, I wrote  reviews & articles in some of the magazines, was project-manager of a download-website. The last couple of years I maintained the content on one of the biggest it-related websites of the Netherlands. I wrote daily news articles for the website, improved SEO, stayed in touch with our (online)readers, send newsletters, set up reader-contests etc. I few times I also wrote articles for the magazines and also did the photography.

Before I worked in publishing I studied in Diemen and received my BA in Corporate Communication (marketing, design and communication). After my BA I did a multimedia-producer course at SAE in Amsterdam. This course consisted of 3D-modelling, webdesign, illustration, video-editing, and nteractive design. In 2015 I did a few courses through the Shawacademy and received the Advanced Online Marketing diploma and in 2016 a received a diploma in Social Media (both with ‘with distincition’ ).

So I have a very broad background which is great when building website where all these elements come together.

A recommendation on LinkedIn sums it all up:

Martijn revealed himself as a  digital allrounder on whom you can fully trust to get things done. He easily switches between multiple projects and delivers quality results within the set time.

Martijn is a welcome addition to any editorial team and website/multimedia project. He's also a cheerful, optimistic colleague who creates a nice ambiance wherever he works. Recommended!

Jeroen Geelhoed [Former editor-in-chief of PC-Active]

Fun fact:

To avoid being stuck behind the pc all day I also offer my services as a pet-sitter. You can book me through Pawshake.nl and, since I am a webdesigner, I also made a webpage on which I present myself: www.hondenoppas.amsterdam

Examples of dvd's I developed for  computer magazines.

cid-jubileum cd-rom
fotografiemagazine cd-rom
pc consument cd-rom
Articles in Computer Idee (text & photography)
Computer Idee-artikelen  (tekst & fotografie)
Computer Idee-artikelen (tekst & fotografie)

Articles in Computer Idee (text and photography)


First logo-design for Pario. I kept the 4 white circles.

Home Office

Thuiskantoor pario

I don't build my websites while drinking coffee in some hipster place. I don't even own a Macbook. I'm a bit old-fashioned when it comes to working conditions I guess. I like to work sitting at a big chair, at my big desk, on my workstation with a full-sized (mechanical) keyboard and a big screen. Even my wall-sticker is huge as you can see.

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